SM Youth x Kadayawan 2015

SM YOUTH x Kadayawan 2015

August 20, 2015

It was a priviledge for me to be able to take part in the SM Youth Meet-up at SM City Davao - Ecoland Department Store. Im humbled by the invitation of Ms. Alexandra Dela Pena, the Marketing Head for SM-Ecoland. It's not my first time to actually meet the SM Youth Ambssadors; i met them already before when i was in Manila. What maked this experience a lot more special is that i have the chance to interact and make friends with them.

Before I went to the meet-and-greet, i visited first the SM Youth bus parked just outside the SM City Davao - Annex. This is one iconic bus for it showcased the newest trends and designs of SM Youth Apparels that the Ambassadors wore in their caravans and events; and since it's the first time for the bus to be seen in Davao, people are really excited to visit and take a look of the inside.
It's time to meet and greet them! Finally i got the chance to interact and mingle with the SM Youth Ambassadors, LA Aguinaldo, Janna Tee and Tommy Esguerra. It took place at the SM City Davao Department Store - Men's Wear Section.
Thank you SM City Davao - Ecoland for this opportunity. I hope that we can collaborate more in the future. See you around. Happy Kadayawan!


Photo Diary: Flower Dome

Marina Gardens By The Bay: Flower Dome

Enter a world of perpetual spring, where unique plants bloom in an ever changing display of flowers. Discover plants from the Mediterranean and semi-arid subtropical regions. Now get ready to be amazed by nature.

Upon entering to the Flower dome, you'll be standing in awe of nature, as it displays spectacular and innovative design, as it is one of the icons in the Bay South Garden. The Flower Dome replicates the cool-dry climate of Mediterranean regions like South Africa, California and parts of Spain and Italy.  Home to a collection of plants from deserts all over the world, it showcases the adaptations of plants to arid environments.
Enjoy a cooling and leisurely stroll through the Flower Dome and experience the eerie profile of the baobabs, surrounded by fascinating succulents. Immerse yourself in the spectacular view of the Marina reservoir skyline, as you embark on your journey through the Mediterranean Basin, South West Australia, South Africa, Central Chile and California.  You'll discover amazing plants and flowers from different corners of the globe, and you'll be amazed by how different parts of the trees are used in daily lives across different cultures.
Here are some of the plants that fascinates me during my tour around the flower dome. It really feels nice to be able to see the beauty of such rare plants and be able to experience touching and smelling them.
Here's another feature that the Flower Dome offers. A great sculpture made by a French Sculpture,  Bruno Catalano; the "La Famille de Voyageurs" - A Travelling Family. It depicts a family visiting Gardens by the Bay before heading to the airport for their jurney home. As they depart the Tropical Garden City, they take with them beautiful memories and leave a part of themselves behind. 
It is inspired by the universal theme of travel. His eye-catching works, with their dashed bodies and deliberate lack of volume, invite you to mentally reconstruct the possibility of the human potential.
I really love how the conservatory really looks like. Its really wonderful and a great place to unwind.


Photo Diary: Cloud Forest

Marina Gardens By The Bay: Cloud Forest

Singapore's Marina Gardens by the Bay offers a lot of great things that will surely make your trip worthwhile. In my visit to the Cloud forest; it's like stepping out of the concrete jungle and getting into a realm high in the mountains. A place where you can learn about rare plants and their fast-disappearing environment. It's like taking in a breathtaking mountain views surrounded by diverse vegetation and hidden floral gems that disappear into the clouds.
The Cloud Forest is a mysterious world veiled in mist. One great feature of this dome is the 35-metre tall mountain covered in lush vegetation shrouding the world’s tallest indoor waterfall that showcases plant life from tropical highlands up to 2,000-metres above sea level.
With it's cool atmosphere, you will surely love walking around the dome and discover different species of plants that has been  beautifully displayed all over the place.
Here's one of the most amazing thing that i saw during my visit in the Cloud Forest. These are plants that are made up of Lego or blocks. I was really amazed upon seeing this beautiful creation. It looks like a real plant from afar but once you look at it closely, you'll discover how beautiful this piece of art is.
Lost World

Take a walk up to the highest point of the mountain, which replicates the cloud forest vegetation at around 2,000m above sea level. This is where you can also enjoy fantastic views of the Marina Bay waterfront. Look out for carnivorous plants such as pitcher plants and the Venus Fly-catcher, against a carpet of delicate ferns and moss. 
I really had a great time wandering around the dome especially when you have this view. Beautiful view, great landscape and cool weather. What more could you ask for? hehe
Cloud Walk

Make your way down to the plateau below via the Cloud Walk, which takes you outside the mountain for a closed-up view of the of epiphytes plant species that clad the side of the mountain.
Crystal Mountain

Caves are a common occurrence inside mountains. Step into the Crystal Mountain Cave where you will be surrounded by the many interesting shapes of real stalactites and stalagmites. Learn about geology, how the continents formed, the age of earth, and the importance of fossils in understanding our planet’s past.
Just before the tour around the Dome is done, you will go through their secret garden. Go on a stroll through a gorge that will take you close to plants that belong to families that were once growing in abundance on earth, yet are increasingly rare today. You'll not see just plants but also wood carvings that is intricately made. 
It was surely a great experience for me to visit this wonderful conservatory; a nice place to explore more of the world's rare plants and experience a lot of things that will make you realize how wonderful our world really is.