X-MEN x PayMaya

Plus, why now is the perfect time to catch up on the Superhero wave! 

X-Men: Apocalypse is finally out! It’s the 9th installment to the X-Men movie series, and the last of the trilogy of X-Men: First Class, and X:Men: Days of the Future Past, the latter reviewed to be the most epic and the best X-Men film to date.  In Apocalypse, the X-Men are going up against the first mutant, Apocalypse, who awakens to take over the world with his Four Horsemen. 

Mykie's Private Kitchen

People always want to try something new. Now a unique dining experience is being offered here in Davao. It's not like any restaurants you've been to, so it’s a must-try!

Mykie's Private Kitchen, a humble home turned classy and elegant restaurant, is located inside Ladislawa Village. This place is owned and operated by two friends - Chef Mykie Hao and Chef Topher Lopez - who came up with this idea, with a little push from friends they cooked for.

Outfit Post: RESPECT

Another midnight rush; along this narrow passageway, a little adventure took place. It was a random moment where we just decided to do a abrupt shoot and just have fun in this little space. I never thought that i can actually pull this off! haha

thanks to my photographer, Artsie Otic for producing such great photos.

Something #HardToGets for Me

A lot of things in life are so #HardToGets! Really. But there are some things that we aspire to get but it needs patience and effort to achieve it. And here are some of the #HardToGets moments of my life - so far!

Batu Cafe & Bakeshop

Batu Cafe is one of the new restaurant and cafe in the metro. Located in Las Casitas Hotel, #509 Loyola Street, Barrio Obrero, Davao City. It is a not your typical cafe because its interior is uniquely set-up with a mix of different influences. It is somewhat modern yet vintage; quaint! 

It is a place where you feel like you are in your own home. It's very comfortable and beautiful. What a great place to dine and meet up/hangout with friends and family.